Steel Roofing Manufacturers in Canada

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We Specialize in Metal Products

Steel Canada Limited is the associate company of Steel Canada Roofing and Siding. It is one of Canadas biggest direct exporter of Prime, Excess Prime, Secondary and over rolled steel.

We average a total of 380000 sqft within our 4 warehouses, we have massive space and storage to ensure product availability at all times. Steel Canada’s just-in-time shipment system is second to none in the industry.

We have reached a global presence tapping the international market, exporting to more than 25 countries worldwide with annual revenues exceeding USD $100 million, SCL has flourished into a leading international steel service Centre. We are now diversifying and expanding into the Roofing and Siding business to offer our great services and products.

Steel Roofing Manufacturers in Canada specialize in metal and steel roofing products.

Titan Northern Slate

Sustainable. Dependable. Environment Friendly.

Exceptional dirt and stain resistance.

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Titan Bond

Titan Bond is one of our most eye catching roof styles.

Great protection

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Titan Grande

Titan Grande is inspired by the Dutch clay tiles look.

Distinctive European style

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Titan Trapeze

A versatile, sleek and simple roof style.

Residential or commercial.

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